Mining planning and prospection based on high-resolution images to ensure efficient exploration and total compliance with environmental policies

Geomorphologic studies may be conducted based on digital elevation and contour line models, to support the planning and management of mineral operations. Unify information from high-resolution and high spectral content images with multitemporal remote sensing data to plan operations, and to monitor variations in the terrain and the volume of mineral extracted. Also use interferometric analyses to monitor the stability of the terrain, and thus ensure the safety of the venture.

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Identification of Minerals on Soil Surface

Skynet processes images on a large scale and automatically detects changes in the vegetation cover, producing precise information, practically in real time.

Monitor changes in the vegetation cover such as shallow cuts, degradation, burn scars, selective cutting and roads, based on daily detection alerts. Be informed of the details of the alterations taking place during a period determined by you, regardless of the size of the area you choose. Even in regions with thick cloud cover, Skynet identifies changes in land use and cover.


Over 5 years' experience in extensive natural area surveillance (more than 150 million km²);

Integrated optical and radar image system;

Monitoring of extensive territories in record time;

Issuing of daily deforestation alerts for areas with ongoing deforestation (progressive increase in degraded areas) to support decision-making;

Monitoring periods of under 5 days for the same area, sufficient time to detect changes;

Image files since 1984;

Use of radar images to support surveillance with optical images, mainly in regions with dense cloud cover;

Automized detection of targets of interest to the client;

Multi-disciplinary team of analysts to validate and analyze information;

Identification of various types of class: shallow cuts, degradation, burn scars, selective cutting, roads;

Delivery of high-quality products by the stipulated deadline;

Information safety and secrecy;

High data reliability;

Digital Ground Models

Skynet offers the widest range of high-precision digital elevation relief or surface models in the world, regardless of the weather condition or elevation.

Depict your area of interest with topographic surface altitude characteristics and add existing geographic elements over them, such as vegetation cover and buildings. The digital elevation models are also recommended for infrastructure network planning, military operations in uncharted territory, or to study characteristics of the terrain for oil and natural gas exploration. Reliable data support a wide range of applications and forms the foundation of any precision geospatial product.


Precise elevation information in the standard cartographic maps, from the most precise and updated data sources;

Use of high-quality orthorectified images;

Multi-scale mapping;

Identification of water masses;

Flood modeling;

3D viewing;

Geologic terrain analysis;

Multi-disciplinary team of analysts to validate and analyze information;

Delivery of high-quality products by the stipulated deadline;

Information safety and secrecy;

High data reliability;

Slopes Stability

Skynet creates a surface movement map, and provides the average yearly velocity of each pixel identified in the area of interest.

Accompany long-term surface terrain movements. Receive detailed and precise information, down to the millimeter. Skynet applies interferometric temporal analysis techniques based on radar satellite data to detect deformation information under various conditions inside the area of interest. Monitoring surface movements is a fundamental strategy in emergency interventions and situations of risk and, particularly, to prevent accidents.


The use of SAR data in surface movement monitoring generates precision products, down to the millimeter;

Projects developed according to specific conditions (surface movement phenomena, displacement direction and amplitude, terrain location and usage information);

Installation of reflectors inside the area of interest to the project;

Issuing of alerts and surface movement maps;

Surface movement information interpreted by specialists in the area;

Description of the processing method of the time series analysis used;

Interferometric processing workflow;

Discussion of the conditions specific to the area of interest.

Multi-disciplinary team of analysts to validate and analyze information;

Delivery of high-quality products by the stipulated deadline;

Information safety and secrecy;

High data reliability;

Skynet allows you to define the amount of time the images will be captured and analyzed, allowing you to create comparative reports between different periods. You define in which format Skynet will deliver your report:

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Skynet allows you to define the period for which information is to be generated and updated. The result is the creation and comparison of reports, graphs, maps, target, field, and other information, allowing the monitoring of the evolution of elements defined by you, including your land occupation, crops, forest cover, works, installations, and equipment.

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