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Totally on-line, Skynet may be contracted with only a few clicks. Just choose your segment of activity, the area of interest, the parameters you wish to monitor, and how you want your information to be delivered and you're all set. Your information may be provided in technical reports, geospatial files, or interactively through our Web interface. Always keeping the information safe and secure.


The world's main satellites at your disposal

Skynet generates information of value on your area of interest, processing data from the world's main satellites. Our processor provides the details on variables you selected, such as vegetation, agriculture, land occupations, reservoirs, production plants, oil spills, borders or any other target. Information from various satellites are also cross-referenced, to ensure more complete information delivery.

Superior spatial resolution quality / Best revisit rate / Greater quantity of information per pixel / Largest possible set of images (largest collection) / Longest stored time-series / 24x7 sensing / Availability of nighttime images

Complete information with the details you need

Skynet allows you to define the period for which information is to be generated and updated. The result is the creation and comparison of reports, graphs, maps, target, field, and other information, allowing the monitoring of the evolution of elements defined by you, including your land occupation, crops, forest cover, works, installations, and equipment.

With specific solutions for all segments, here are some suggestions

Using Skynet is very simple, just follow the steps below.

Choose a segment
Select the Skynet functionalities.
Determine the details of how the product is to be delivered.
Submit the information and wait for our free quote.

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If you have any doubts regarding Skynet or on how our tool may help your business, contact us right now.

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